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Form : Liquid                                                       Phenol Red Indicator: Phenol Red
Appearance : Clear Red Solution                     Mycoplasma : None
Endotoxin : <0.01 EU/ml                                    Osmolality : 290 mOsm               PH : 7.27

MSC Basal Medium

Defined culture medium for stem cells

Cat. No. : B07006


MSC Growth Supplement is derived from human proteins and animal component free. MGS contain human growth factors including; PDGF, bFGF, EGF, BMP4, VEGF, TGF-beta1, and other proteins. The supplement is then 0.2um sterile filtered. The product is shipped frozen on dry ice. Store at -20°C or greater. (-80°C is preferred for long-term storage)

MSC Growth Supplement

Xeno-free defined substitute for culturing MSC

Cat. No. : C08005

Using :

Avoid freezing of this media as it may cause precipitation upon thawing. Media is shipped at 4°C on cold gel pack. Store liquid medium at 2-8°C and in dark till use.
This ready-to-use formulation is quick and convenient, requiring no additional supplements.

Particulate Formation :

Upon thawing, the product may be visually cloudy or have floating debris, similar to FBS. It is most optimal to reduce this possibility by minimizing multiple freeze/thaws, letting MSC Growth Supplement warm in the 37°C water bath for an extended period of time, or extended storage at 4°C.
Some particulate formation can be reversed with a brief incubation at 37°C. Filtration is not necessary and MSC Growth Supplement performance is not reduced by the appearance of particulates.

Particulate Formation:

Some particulate formation can be reversed with a brief incubation at 37°C. Filtration is not necessary.

Cultural Response :

The growth promotion capacity of the medium is assessed qualitatively by analyzing the cells for the morphology and quantitatively by estimating the cell counts and comparing it with a control medium through minimum three subcultures.


PROTEIN: 2.68 mg/mL
PH: 7.26


MSC basal medium was originally developed for a vast array of cells in a serum-free culture medium and animal component free that contains growth-promoting factors, vitamins and amino acids for the growth and expansion of stem cells and particular cell lines. The MSC basal medium is then 0.2um sterile filtered. The product is shipped on ice. Store at 2-8°C.

Using :

Thaw at 4°C overnight or in a 37°C water bath. After thawing, we recommend you aliquot and store at -80°C. This READY-to USE formulation does not require the addition of Heparin to the final medium concentration. This formulation is designed to be used at the same ratio as traditional Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS).


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