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StemBo replacement is the fetal bovine serum bio-equivalent solution for stable pricing, lot-to-lot consistency and equivalent performance when compared to FBS. Please contact us directly if you have questions about this product.

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  • What is a “Bioequivalent” Bovine Serum?
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A bovine serum without additives or supplements, where the finished product specifications are essentially the same chemical profile as FBS and is expected to behave similarly.


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Endotoxin is a complex lipopolysaccharide (LPS) found in the outer cell membrane of gram-negative bacteria. Bacteria shed endotoxin in large amounts upon cell death and when they are actively growing and dividing. Endotoxin is directly related to the quality of collection and processing of serum, the more endotoxin, the more exposure to gram-negative bacteria. The industry standard for endotoxin is less than 10 EU/mL and even at that level it is suitable for most cell culture applications. 

After thawing replacement it will appear to be cloudy. This is usually the result of precipitated components, the most common being fibrin. Precipitated fibrin is a fine whitish powder or flake. When frozen replacement is thawed small amounts can precipitate out. The more freeze thaw cycles, the more chance of precipitates forming. These are for the most part cosmetic and have no ill effects on cell culture. It is not recommended to try and filter precipitates out as they will clog most lab scale filter apparatuses. If necessary, allow the replacement to stand and the precipitates will eventually fall to the bottom of the bottle and the serum can be decanted.

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